Frankie Johnson Behind the Blue Glass Clutter



Nyle Gordon Cedarburg Water Lilies
Second Place
Artist’s Choice Award – WIPAPA Second Place


Derek Davis A Story About Light
Third Place


Tom Nachreiner Rusty Spokes
Fourth Place


Jan Schmuckal Small but Mighty View Point
Honorable Mention



Darron Lillian Sherman Road
Honorable Mention


Lee Radtke Columbia Road
Honorable Mention

Best of Cedarburg - Sandra McCutcheon Pape First Place Award


Spencer Meagher Breakfast Time
Honorable Mention


Errol Jacobson Sunny Corner
Honorable Mention
Artist’s Choice Award – Blick Art Materials Third Place



Jeanne Clohisy Rushing Waters
Honorable Mention


Mary Ulm Mayhew Dusk
Honorable Mention


Bob Beck Moooov - Over
Honorable Mention


R. L. Weber Last Call
Best of Cedarburg - Blick Art Materials Second Place Award


Michael Rief Relaxing at Highland Park
Artist’s Choice Award – Henry Klapproth Sr. First Place


Deke Palecek Daily Bread
Port Washington Paint Out – First Place


Joyce Ksiozk Peace at Port
Port Washington Paint Out – Second Place


Thomas Trausch Late Afternoon Light
Port Washington Paint Out – Third Place


Tom Kubala Back of the Inn
Quick Paint Event – First Place


Mark Zelten Bank Front Bouquet
Quick Paint Event – Second Place


Tom Nachreiner Morning Coffee
Quick Paint Event – Third Place













a production of the Cedarburg Artists Guild, Cedarburg, Wisconsin